Tuesday, October 4, 2011

America's Next Top Model Episode 3

I was sad to see Sheena go because I love her personality and I think she would've done well with the prizes, but perhaps not the modeling ones. So she had to go.

In episode 3, Kristin Cavallari from The Hills stops by the house to talk to the girls about how things were going so far. Side note, she's also on Dancing With The Stars this season!

Image via MTV
So she's talking to the girls. Alexandria was taking notes because Kristin was seen as a bitch when she was on reality tv, so Alex wants to learn how to channel that towards overall positive opinions from fans. She told them about the things she's been doing outside of being in front of the camera, and gave them tips on how to make the success last.

Their challenge was to get interviewed by... Mario Lopez! They were split into two teams and interviewed as a team. The winning team was exempt from elimination after the photo shoot.

Team 1 Captain: Lisa D'Amato
Laura Kirkpatrick
Alexandria Everett
Isis King
Dominique Reighard
Angelea Preston

Team 2 Captain: Bianac Golden
Allison Harvard
Bre Scullark
Shannon Stewart
Camille McDonald
Kayla Ferrel

The interviews were fine. Lisa was irritating, as usual. It went well, nothing too amazing to report.

For their photo shoot, Sarah Silver was the photographer. They took photos on stilts in pairs. Each photo had one girls who was safe from the challenge and one who wasn't.

Image via Verenetta Warner
The pairs were: Dominique and Kayla (safe), Bianca (safe) and Lisa, Camille (safe) and Isis, Angelea and Allison (safe), Bre (safe) and Laura, Alexandria and Shannon (safe).

Side note: Camille is an asshole. She said that she needed to definitely do better than Isis. She said that she wasn't going to let "a transgender" do better than "a real woman". Bitch. Ignorant bitch.

At panel, the judges assessed the photos. Angelea asked Nigel a follow-up question about his comment to her about her interview with Mario Lopez. He clarified for her. Her ghetto self only associated "interview" with "professional". They were trying to get her to understand that there's more types of interviews than just job interviews. I think she got it.

There was also an introduction of a new ANTM phrase: Booty Tooch.

Image via WebNews
 The top photos were: Allison (safe), Bianca Golden (safe), Shannon Stewart (safe), Bre Scullark (safe), Kayla Ferrel (safe), Camille McDonald (safe). Camille would've been going home had she not been safe. I just know it. After the safe girls came the unsafe girls. Alexandria (unsafe), Lisa (unsafe), Laura (unsafe), Dominique (unsafe).

The bottom two were: Angelea and Isis. Tyra pointed out that they didn't have the two worst photos. Then the camera showed Kayla and Camille. Maybe Kayle would've actually gone home since she was in the bottom two last week as well. Isis went home because her photo wasn't as strong as Angelea's.

Isis went home. I'm sad to see her go. If only to give her a chance to put Camille's ass in her place. I'll admit it, I don't like Camille's personality as portrayed on this show. Maybe she's not such a fake ignorant bitch in person. Maybe.

And hopefully next week, Angelea can do a more balanced personality and a better photo. Or at least get on the safe team.

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